A little etiquette

A little Etiquette

The hosts

Baby showers are officially hosted on behalf of the mum-to-be and received the name from the "showering" of gifts and lots of love before the big day.  It is a celebration of her impending milestone and an opportunity for friends and family to wish her lots of happiness.

The mum-to-be is normally aware that a baby shower is taking place for her and in some cases, will choose to organise it herself…either way, it is rarely a surprise occasion!

The date

A baby shower is normally held between weeks 25 and 35 of pregnancy but in most cases, it is the earlier the better to ensure the mum-to-be is still full of energy and able to enjoy her celebrations.  Originally they were only thrown for the first child but it is now commonplace to have baby showers for the second, third and even fourth child!

The occasion

There isn’t a set format for a baby shower but they are traditionally an afternoon event and include food, favours, games and fun all coordinated by the hosts who are normally friends and family of the mum-to-be.  

Very often, the baby shower is held at the house of the mum-to-be but lots of alternative venues would make the ideal setting including the host’s house, a village hall, a favourite restaurant or pub, the village green or a beautiful park for that summer’s day picnic!

The occasion can be an informal gathering with lots of chatting and cooing or more structured to guarantee the time for lovely food and cheeky games!  Whichever you choose, everything possible should be done to make it relaxing and enjoyable for the blossoming mum-to-be.

The formalities

Invites are sent out and replies taken care of by the organisers on behalf of the mum-to-be and it is common for the flavour of the event to be baby-themed, even tailored to a boy or girl in some cases!

The planning, booking, ordering and buying should also be taken care of by the hosts and of course, knowing your mum-to-be and what would make her extra happy on this super special occasion is essential.

As baby showers are traditionally hosted on behalf of the mum-to-be, it may be expected that the costs will also be covered on her behalf by the hosts but this is less common today with the mum-to-be often contributing to if not paying for the full celebration.

The modern

Originally established as a get-together for the mum-to-be with her girly friends and family as the guests, baby showers are increasingly becoming a celebration for the mum and dad to enjoy together, celebrating their joint happiness as one.

The essential

In organising a baby shower, the most important thing to know is that you should create beautiful memories that will last for years to come!